Wednesday, February 8, 2012


  Luceers went to Tintagel, and Giles and I went to Terribal.


Luceers saw Uther and Merlin having an animated discussion before the two left camp. Luceers talked to Ektor about it, but Ektor convinced Luceers to not worry about it. They went on patrol, and while they were patrolling, a thick fog rolled in.


Meanwhile, Giles and I were attacked in a surprise assault from Duke Gorloi. We had our squires assist us with our armor and we mounted our horses. We fought our way to Madoc's banner where he was swamped by Gorloi's knights.  Giles was unhorsed by his opponent, and Madoc was cleaved in two by Gorloi. Delan attempted to attack Gorloi, but Gorloi beheaded him. While Gorloi was distracted, I speared and killed him. I attempted to draw off three Cornish knights, but one unhorsed me.  With their leader dead, the Cornish knights dispersed, and I returned to find Ulfius grieving Madoc'sdeath. Ulfius congratulated me and gifted me with Gorloi's sword.


At the same time, at Tintagel, Luceers saw Duke Gorloi ride out of the castle. 


We left Giles and the wounded behind and headed for Tintagel.


At Tintagel, Luceers learned that Gorloi had been killed before Luceers saw Gorloi him ride from the castle. 


We arrived at Tintagel two days later, and talked with Luceers and Ektor. Uther found out that his son had died.


The next day Brastius attempted to parley with the castle. When he returned, he told Luceers that the Duchess would only parley with Luceers.  Luceers went unarmed into the castle. Morgan was happy to see "her protector." Luceers parlayed with Ygraine, and attempted to broker a peace.  The Cornish knights only wanted to fight, and did not want to swear fealty to Uther. Luceers convinced her to talk to Merlin about a treaty. 


Luceers returned to camp to find Merlin. He tried to convince Merlin to help, and Merlin agreed. At the castle, Luceers played with Morgan, and Morgan sang a song in a strange language and told Luceers that the white lady taught her the song, and the ability to tell the future. She said that Luceers would have a baby this year.


Merlin returned to camp and told them that a deal had been brokered: Uther would marry Ygraine to create the peace.


Roderik came to us and told me that he wanted me to be his bodyguard on a journey. Lucas was wanted by the king to stay and keep Tintagel for him. I had to leave Cornwall because of the hatred felt by the knights against me.


While riding back to Salisbury, I heard Uther saying that he needed an immediate wedding with Ygraine. Brastius said it was too soon and he didn't  trust her. Roderik also felt that it was too soon, and we should fight the Saxons, but Uther was adamant. The marriage would be in London. We arrived at Stonehenge where Aurelius and Pendragon are buried, and a tomb prepared for Uhter. Madoc was placed within. We headed home. 


Ygraine told Luceers to make sure that the eastern knights stayed away from her.  Luceers tried to run the castle well, but failed, as he is wont to do. Uther's knights were unhappy with being removed from Ygraine. The Cornish knights talked against Luceers, but he calmed them with his oratory. Luceers tried to make himself part of the guard for Ygraine,but she rebuffed his offer. 


At home, Giles found himself berated by his wife for not getting control of Tintagel. She told him that they must avoid contact with Luceers' family. She referred to Luceers wife as a witch and his adopted son as a beast. She told Giles that she expects a castle next year.


Callus visited Giles. He has a terrible scar that he received in a battle with Saxons at Pevensey. The Saxons slaughtered and sacrificed the people of there. He told Giles that they have been ordered not to ride against the Saxons, despite the massacre.


Ygraine showed a message she received from Uther that their marriage must be held Immediately in London.  She said that she would not go to London, and she wanted the marriage to be held in Tintagel. He agreed to send a message to Uther. She also wanted to continue the pact she made for her older daughter Morgausa to ride to be married to King Lot. Luceers agreed to that as well.  The message must have worked for Uther prepared to be married in Tintagel. 


When I returned home,  I found an extra three year old daughter wandering around the house. The daughter is obviously mine-with a vengeance arm- so I convinced my wife that I have never been to Pevensey (where the girl is from) and named the girl Cinderella and gave her to some peasants to raise. 


When Mary arrived at Tintagel, she told Luceers of Lady Elaine's suspicions, and helped Luceers prepare for the upcoming wedding.  But they prepared horribly, as Luceers is wont to do. 


Roderik told me to wait in Salisbury and not go to the wedding because of lingering animosity about my slaying of Gorloi.


At the wedding, Luceers noticed that Ygraine is already pregnant. 


Roderik picked up Giles to go to the wedding. 


The wedding was strangely decorated and four bishops presided over the ceremony. But Uther and Ygraine were married. 


There was some intrigue at the wedding as Luceers and Giles could not keep their wives in check.


The happiest and saddest event happened during the winter. My wife, Adwen, passed away in childbirth. I hope she finds peace with her god. Even in death, she served me well, delivering for me another son, whom I named Ardwen after my wife.