Sunday, January 22, 2012




Luceers was married. At the wedding we heard that Igraine was at court a lot, and that her anceestor was the queen under the sea. 

We were called to court early because of our glory, and we were met by Elid. We met Roderik and his son, Robert. Roderik asked us what we thought of Madoc and Uther, and then asked us to perform a task for him. Roderik wanted us to head to the north to bring Madoc back from Mallahot where he had fled after the battle in Gaul. He sent the shield of Aurelius with us as a sign for Madoc. He told us to tell our wives we were headed to Cornwall, and not tell anyone of our mission.

We headed north through the swamp to Mallohot.  I was worn out from the ride through the mud. We talked to people in the village and found a woman who works in the castle who might be able to tell us more about if Madoc was there. She said that she had heard that Madoc has been back, but she thought that he was now in Linsey with the other Northern kings. 

We headed to Linsey and found where the knights and kings were staying. Outside the city was Rheged. We also found the manor of the duke of Cambenet. Kings Lot and Gorloth were in the city together. The king of Roestock was in a keep. 

We met with Afion, king of Roestock. At Giles's prompting,we found that Madoc was in Castle Linsey. The kings were together to discuss an alliance against King Hengest, who has giants. Afion agreed to take a note to Madoc that asked him to meet with us. 

Madoc met with us. We showed him the shield,and Luceers attempted to convince Madoc to come back. But he had agreed to stay and fight the Saxons. He would come back with us if we convinced the southern kings to help the northern kings. 

We headed back to Uther and told Roderik of the situation, and Roderik told Uther. Merlin convinced Uther to go North. 

When we headed north, we found that the Saxons had gone through King Mark's land and were attacking Linsey. Our forces were 2000 knights and 5000 foot soldiers against 10 to 15000 Saxons. Bad omens on the Saxon side had made them nervous, and Uther's sword Excalibur made them moreso. Giles rode with Madoc in the first charge, and Gorloi asked Luceers to protect the left flank. I rode with Roderik and Akalon and Lot.

We crushed the Saxons, with Giles capturing the banner, and Me killing Akteh, the Saxon war chief. 

We then celebrated at Linsey for a couple of weeks. Luceers told lots of lies about his battle prowess--which once again truly centered on being beaten by a giant. I found some available maids, and Giles recovered from his head injury that has left him scarred. Akalon came to me. He told me of a feast being held in the honor of the best knights. He also told me to be careful of Lot, that his ambition borders on evil, and he should be watched. Giles was also invited to the feast.

We attended the feast with the other notables including Sir Alain. Our wives sang the chorus for Ygraine, andUther manifested a deep lust for Ygraine. 

Gorloi invited Luceers to Christmas Court.  Morgan wanted to see Luceers and Akalon. Luceers felt uncomfortable around Morgana; finding her dark and aloof and brooding. However, he sang for her, and she finally smiled and told Luceers that she knew the fairy princess was right when she told her that Luceers would be her protector forever.  Uther would not let Gorloi leave the court, and Gorloi came to Luceers and asked him for a favor--to leave the pig gate open so Gorloi and Ygraine could flee the court and Uther's lustful gaze. Luceers and Akalon agreed. Gorloi and his family left. Uther was incensed. Uther ordered his knights to chase them down, but a sudden snowstorm kept them from leaving, and trapped Luceers at court for the winter.

In the winter, my squire, Sam, was knighted,and I retained Thomas as my new squire. It was a harsh winter, and I lost two horses, but my family was well, and my brother, newly ensconced in the Forest Savage had another child.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Late in the winter, Prince Madoc passed through Salisbury, staying with our lord Roderik. After he left, he headed to our domains, starting with Luceers.

He offered condolences on the death of Luceers's wife and asked if he would be ready to take the field in the spring. Luceers was a great host and composed a great ode to the Battle of Somerset for the prince. Prince Madoc announced that he planned to continue the war against the Saxons in the summer.

Giles, however, was a horrible host, feeding Madoc gruel and turnips, but Madoc likes him anyway because of his warrior spirit. They gave each other gifts. Giles gave Madoc the Axe of the Saxon on the bridge, and Madoc gave Giles a horse and the chance to lead the charge at the battle in the summer. 

Then the prince visited me. My hospitality was good, as befitting one of Madoc's station. We chatted about battle, and he told me a secret. (Akalon has been a spy in the northern kingdoms,and they will help Madoc and Gorloi defeat one Saxon king, while Salisbury fights Aella again. But Uther has been smitten by a Frankish princess sent to be married to Madoc and may not take the field. 

In the summer, Court is in London, but Roderik took no knights with him. Sir Ector offered to take care of Luceers' daughter while he is away in the summer. 

Akalon visited Giles and wished him luck in the coming battles. We find out that Delan has plans to we'd Jenna (Roderik's daughter) in the summer, even though she is well above his station.

Roderik was late returning from London, and when he did return, he was in a somber. Luceers tried to keep the men's spirits up and distracted from the unease created by our lord's mood. Apparently Roderik plans to only muster knights, and not footmen for the battles in the summer. I talked to Elid and found that Uther had decided to send troops to fight the Franks instead of finishing Aella. Roderik's leaves for Gaul.

Roderik leaves us and Delan for garrison duty. I am untowardly cruel to the younger knights in frustration, hating that I am back in the towers where my father avoided glory, but Luceers tried to sooth their hurt egos. 

While we waste out time in the towers, some peasant pilgrims arrived. They reported Saxon raiders on the road to the south, even burning a village in Logres. We decided to patrol for Saxons. We found a village raided three days earlier, and the Saxons seem to be looking for Steeple Lankford--Giles' holding. (A big Saxon was looking for revenge on the one who killed his brother on a bridge.)

One night, Merlin appeared to talk to Giles. He wanted us to protect Nineve, the nymph, on a trip to consult an oracle about whether she should support Uther. After some discussion, we travelled a day west and north. Nineve has seen visions of a sad time ahead but she needs confirmation at the Ring near the Forest Savage. We travel in the rain for several days.

Nineve told us that she must run an errand. Luceers flirts and deserts the ladies in waiting while Giles and I met a hermit in the woods who asked where we are going. Nineve said we were going to see Dame Oir.  The hermit asked for our cloaks in return for telling us where the Dame was, but only Nineve was willing. The hermit did not like her cloak and went off muttering. 

Back at camp, Luceers found love with the ladies.

Giles and I were questioned by a noble woman who asked what makes us good men. I said duty to my lord, and Giles said he's not a good man. She asked if there is any reason a man should not keep his word, and we both had reasons. 

(Luceers resists the ladies.)

We went through a field of poppies, and I was forced to carry Nineve and Giles as they fell asleep.

(Luceers resists the ladies.)

We finally arrived at the hut of the wise woman.  The old woman is the mother of Balin, who Nineve says will one day be a good knight. I recognized that Balin is a young man who lives in Cornwall. Nineve fed the old woman a potion that kills her. She gave me a ring to deliver to Balin in Cornwall. 

(Luceers resists the ladies.)

It takes us three days to get back. (Luceers cannot resist the ladies. )

We headed north to the forest. The forest was restless because the kingdom is restless. The forest itself seemed to try to confuse us but Giles found the way through. On the next day, though, Giles had a harder time and the path led us to a village with a strange well with a large cross and Gaelic writing, which told the story of Helen, the spirit of water, who protects the area. There was a church and a tower under construction by peasants being whipped by overseers. Lord Gorboduc wanted the tower to be built in haste. We saw the Lord. Luceers spoke on behalf of the peasants but the lord dismissed us. Giles noticed that the lord had a scaly hump. We talked to the village priest and he told us to wait til evening. The priest insulted me, despite my desire to help his "flock." 

That night, I caught the lord's soldiers taking babies into the tower. When i stopped one, he went to tell Gorbaduc, and shortly thereafter, the lord came down with his men. Luceers, following some superstition taught by his religion, threw water on the lord, and then we all fight. Luceers prayed during the fight and a cold wind and a knightly ghost rose from the well and points at the lord, helping us despite our impiety toward the old ways. The warriors scattered in fear, and the ghost disappeared. Gorboduc attacked me and Luceers. We slew him. I claimed his chainmail and won the town in a draw of cards. I'll send Isdernus to look after it, and get rid of that rude priest.

We headed back out through the forest and Giles led us well for one day and then got us lost again. As we travelled, a knight came out of the woods, surprised to see travelers in the woods. We recognized him as Sir Merrin the Beast-Knight. He invited us to dinner and we dined with him and his wife. She cooks her specialty, a horrible stew that honesty could not let go unmentioned by Giles and I.

The next morning Sam told me that his horse was killed by Merrin's dogs. I accused his wife of releasing the dogs and she denied it. As I left, I saw the dogs with their bloody maws, and I felt my arm twitching. Before I quite knew what had happened, I had slain every dog. 

We finally arrived at the ring and found Picts there doing a ritual. We tried to intimidate them and despite Giles falling from his horse, the Picts left.

Nineve did her ritual and announced that Merlin is right. Uther must be high king, but his son will betray us all. 

We returned home to find that Roderik and his knights had returned. They told us that when they arrived in Gaul, Callus heard Madoc talking to a Roman emissary. He said that he would only fight at one battle for one city. Madoc killed many Franks. Ektor won great glory by rescuing the Roman leader. They were one day from the Frankish king and Madoc left. The Roman called Madoc and Uther oath breakers. The next day Claudius defeated the Romans and the Franks now rule all of Gaul. The knights returned home, but the men grumbled against Madoc. (Perhaps Nineve's divination was correct.)

There was also news that the Saxons are reuniting and did some damage to some Southern towns. We ended the winter with people disgruntled and confused. 

The winter time was good for me again, and despite a brief illness for the boys, the winter went well. Adwen has delivered me another child, a daughter.