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Luceers was married. At the wedding we heard that Igraine was at court a lot, and that her anceestor was the queen under the sea. 

We were called to court early because of our glory, and we were met by Elid. We met Roderik and his son, Robert. Roderik asked us what we thought of Madoc and Uther, and then asked us to perform a task for him. Roderik wanted us to head to the north to bring Madoc back from Mallahot where he had fled after the battle in Gaul. He sent the shield of Aurelius with us as a sign for Madoc. He told us to tell our wives we were headed to Cornwall, and not tell anyone of our mission.

We headed north through the swamp to Mallohot.  I was worn out from the ride through the mud. We talked to people in the village and found a woman who works in the castle who might be able to tell us more about if Madoc was there. She said that she had heard that Madoc has been back, but she thought that he was now in Linsey with the other Northern kings. 

We headed to Linsey and found where the knights and kings were staying. Outside the city was Rheged. We also found the manor of the duke of Cambenet. Kings Lot and Gorloth were in the city together. The king of Roestock was in a keep. 

We met with Afion, king of Roestock. At Giles's prompting,we found that Madoc was in Castle Linsey. The kings were together to discuss an alliance against King Hengest, who has giants. Afion agreed to take a note to Madoc that asked him to meet with us. 

Madoc met with us. We showed him the shield,and Luceers attempted to convince Madoc to come back. But he had agreed to stay and fight the Saxons. He would come back with us if we convinced the southern kings to help the northern kings. 

We headed back to Uther and told Roderik of the situation, and Roderik told Uther. Merlin convinced Uther to go North. 

When we headed north, we found that the Saxons had gone through King Mark's land and were attacking Linsey. Our forces were 2000 knights and 5000 foot soldiers against 10 to 15000 Saxons. Bad omens on the Saxon side had made them nervous, and Uther's sword Excalibur made them moreso. Giles rode with Madoc in the first charge, and Gorloi asked Luceers to protect the left flank. I rode with Roderik and Akalon and Lot.

We crushed the Saxons, with Giles capturing the banner, and Me killing Akteh, the Saxon war chief. 

We then celebrated at Linsey for a couple of weeks. Luceers told lots of lies about his battle prowess--which once again truly centered on being beaten by a giant. I found some available maids, and Giles recovered from his head injury that has left him scarred. Akalon came to me. He told me of a feast being held in the honor of the best knights. He also told me to be careful of Lot, that his ambition borders on evil, and he should be watched. Giles was also invited to the feast.

We attended the feast with the other notables including Sir Alain. Our wives sang the chorus for Ygraine, andUther manifested a deep lust for Ygraine. 

Gorloi invited Luceers to Christmas Court.  Morgan wanted to see Luceers and Akalon. Luceers felt uncomfortable around Morgana; finding her dark and aloof and brooding. However, he sang for her, and she finally smiled and told Luceers that she knew the fairy princess was right when she told her that Luceers would be her protector forever.  Uther would not let Gorloi leave the court, and Gorloi came to Luceers and asked him for a favor--to leave the pig gate open so Gorloi and Ygraine could flee the court and Uther's lustful gaze. Luceers and Akalon agreed. Gorloi and his family left. Uther was incensed. Uther ordered his knights to chase them down, but a sudden snowstorm kept them from leaving, and trapped Luceers at court for the winter.

In the winter, my squire, Sam, was knighted,and I retained Thomas as my new squire. It was a harsh winter, and I lost two horses, but my family was well, and my brother, newly ensconced in the Forest Savage had another child.

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