Wednesday, March 14, 2012


We met in Tintagel for court, and found that Ygraine was pregnant. Ygraine delivered a son during the court.

Luceers met the Lady of the Lake and she told Luceers that it was time for him to repay her favor. She said that she had made an error in her prophecy, and Madoc was not the traitor. She called on her favor from Luceers and told him that he must bring all of us to meet with Merlin for, "The fate of the Pendragons depends on this."We met with Merlin and followed himinto the woods. He headed into a fog and returned with a baby, telling us to guard him. Knights, including Sir Brastius, followed him out of the fog, and we moved to intercept them. Claudus was killed in the initial clash. One of the knights recognized me. Brastius recognized Giles, and Giles told Brastius where Merlin went. Brastius headed off and we heard more sounds of battle. We found more of our warriors from Salisbury dead when we arrived, and we trailed Brastius. We found him in the morning, looking dejected. He said that he would tell Uther that we were at fault. We decided to head back to Uther.

When we arrived, Brastius was outside the throne room. He told us to return to our lord. We went to see Roderik, and told him our story, and Roderik told us to wait. We waited for three days with Sir Oleg guarding the door. Giles, who had been bested by Oleg in the battle at Terribal, left the room to fight him and was smote mightily and dragged to the dungeon.

Bishop Dewey was brought to us to hear our story. Luceers told the story., and the bishop left.

A few days later, Giles was brought back to us. We were to be tried by a jury of our peers--Ulfius, Brastius, a Cornish knight, and Eloise's husband.

Eventually we were brought to the court. Morgan pled for Luceers. We each pled our case. Roderik pled for us as well, and Dewey spoke for us, too, saying that we were ensorceled. Uther declared us innocent and turned us over to the bishop for purification, and he ordered a death sentence on Merlin. Word went around that we are known as the Knights who Condemned Merlin to Death. We underwent the bishop's silly purification.

During the winter, Giles lost his son

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  1. Glad to see you back in action! This was a tough year for our heroes.