Sunday, April 29, 2012


In this year,, the Saxons moved south, and word came that Saxons had taken one of our northernmost cities. We massed at St. Albans and the Irish king sent troops to bolster our ranks to about 2000 knights and 7000 foot soldiers. Uther ordered a full charge to try to catch the Saxons in the city. We realized that it was an ambush, but Uther's forces did not turn aside and they were slaughtered. The next day 15000 Saxons met us in the field at the Battle of St. Albans.

In the battle, Brastius was felled, but Uther shattered Hengest's weapon with Excalibur and the Saxons fled the field.

We feasted at St. Albans. While partying, we heard screams from the great hall and found people in the hall poisoned and dying. Roderik, as he died, told me to protect his family, and I took the women back to Salisbury. Only a few kings survived.

The Brotherhood of the Band was called together. Elid had died in the hall. The rest of us were tasked to decide what to do with rulership of Salisbury. We agreed to have me act as leader, and I would marry Jenna.

We returned and lay Roderik to rest. I married Jenna. Ygraine moved into an abbey. Roderik's countess went into grieving.

A dark year, with grim forebodings for the future

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