Friday, December 30, 2011


This blog recounts the exploits of characters played by my group, the Rotgut Manglers, in our current Pendragon game. It is told from the perspective of my character(s). Robert is the GM for our group, and currently, the rest of the players and characters are as follows:

Paul - Sir Giles
Billy - Sir Luceers
Me - Sir Baldulf

Our group has a history of not finishing long campaigns, so it's a fair bit ambitious for us to decide to try to run the Great Campaignfor Pendragon, which could take us a few years to complete. This record, then, serves two purposes. One is to have a full record of the campaign, especially so we can look back three years from now and see where we came from. The other is extra incentive for the campaign to keep going. As a GM myself, I know that one of the things that keeps a game, and a GM, going is player involvement. This is my attempt to be involved. 

The blog entries will be from the perspective of the characters that I play in the campaign, starting with Sir Baldulf of Winterborne-Stoke. 

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