Friday, December 30, 2011

In Medias Res

So, the problem with starting this blog now is that the game has already been under way for over a month. This post attempts to provide an overview of what we've already done.

Starting year of the campaign. We are part of a cohort of older squires awaiting our spurs. the other knights are as follows:
Bryant "the Giant"

We are all subjects of Lord Roderick and his wife Countess Ellen. 
In this year, we go on hunt, and Callus, Luceers, and Baldulf bring back the biggest game, a boar. Luceers receives a magic shield. we also meet Lady Elaine and Lady Adwen. we learn that the Saxon king Aethelswift and his war chief Aelle are mustering on the border. 
We fight at the Battle of Mercred Creek and win a battle against the Saxons, gaining much glory in the process. After the battle, we are knighted.

We travel to King Afion's realm to defeat a specter that is slaying his knights. We defeat the specter; Giles receives an enchanted sword, and we slay a giant, allowing Merlin to recover the sword of light (Exaclibur?) for Uther, who is attempting to be named High King. Baldulf uses the boon he receives from Afion to marry Adwen, despite their religious differences (as Baldulf is a pagan, and Adwen is a devout Christian).

We travel to Cornwall to convince Duke Gorloi that he should swear fealty to Uther. In order to gain his loyalty, we must find his missing daughter Morgana. We rescue her from some faerie folk in the woods, and Gorloi swears his fealty to Uther. 

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