Sunday, January 6, 2013


We heard that Mark and Cerdic had allied. Nanteleod said he was determined to finish off Cerdic. We rode to battle and I noted that King Aelle was there. We had about 18000 troops and they had about 27000 troops.

We took the Salisbury knights to face the Cornish knights. Early in the battle, things went poorly for Cerdic. After pushing back the Cornish knights, we spotted some Saxons led by one of Cerdic's sons, and we moved on them. We pushed them back, including their giants (I was knocked unconscious) and found some Saxon knights fighting Nanteleod and his bodyguards. We engaged them, but were unable to stop them before they killed Nanteleod. Nanteleod's forces broke, and Sir Giles and Sir Parrigin were captured by Saxons.

We also heard that Duke Corneus of Linsey had died, poisoned by an unknown assassin.


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