Sunday, January 6, 2013


We heard that there would be a grand tournament in London, to see about the matter of the sword in the stone.

With the army scattered after the last battle, Salisbury found itself prey to Saxon raids.

Alex took two new manors and fought off a Saxon raid.

Baldulf and Robert were visited by Sir Brastius. Brastius told us that there would be a non-lethal tourney in London on New Years and whoever won would have the blessing of the collegium to be High King. Robert had the right to fight in the tourney or to fight on behalf of another man.

Robert called for the Brotherhood of the Band to meet. He asked who we should support in the tourney. When we told him that he should support no one, he agreed to join the tourney. We held a feast to celebrate Robert's knighthood, and Giles knighted Robert.

The Salisbury entourage headed to London. Brastius explained how the tourney would work. Our team would be Bellaus, Giles, Baldulf, Merl, and Accalon, with Robert leading us. At the feast, Merl accidentally spilled ale on one of Mark's knights, Sir Ryons the Giant. They agreed to fight each other in the lists.

The next day, the bohort took place, and Reginald participated, but we never paid much attention to who won.

Giles and Merl acquitted themselves well in the hunt.

Basil did well at falconry.

Baldulf, Alex and Giles did well at horsemanship.

Baldulf and Alex and Giles did well at lancing.

We drew Logres for the tourney, facing Duke Ulfius and his team. We talked some with King Afion's son. Then Merl talked with King Lot and met his son, Sir Gawain. Gawain and Merl went off to find women together.

The next day we prepared for the tourney. Lot defeated Iner. The Centurion King defeated King Allen (Nanteleod's son). The day ended.

The next day, we fought Ulfius. We won, with Merl managing to knock out both Accalon and Ulfius. Eskin defeated Durfel.

The next day we drew Lot. The Centurion King defeated Eskin. We convinced Brastius to let us fight in the afternoon, to avoid Sir Gawain's prowess at noon. I fought the Pict. Giles fought Gawain. Merl fought the giant. We were doing well, when a call went up from the crowd that the sword in the stone had been drawn. We halted the fight to go see what was happening. Older knights were trying to pull the sword from the stone. Finally, Brastius let a nearby boy try. He pulled the sword from the stone, and when he did, trumpets from heaven blared and a beam of light beamed on the boy and we realized the boy was Arthur. Lot and the Centurion king complained. Some knights bent their knees to Arthur, but Lot and the Centurion king swore they would never bend knees to Merlin's fake king. Robert told us to walk away from the scene, and we all did, except Giles who walked to Lot.

Merlin called for calm, and told us that the most honorable knights would keep watch over the sword until Candlemass, when the best knights in the land would get another chance to pull out the sword. Merl was asked to provide the honor guard. He picked Aleks and eight other knights to serve as watchers with the knights of the other nine most honest knights.

We heard that Arthur's most ardent supporter, Leodegrance, had left in order to defend his kingdom against Sir Ryan's assault. We talked with Robert and convinced him to support Arthur if he could draw the sword again.

At Candlemass, Arthur removed the sword again, and many knights swore allegiance to Arthur, including Robert. Lot forced the ceremony to repeat a number of times until, on Pentecost, the people rose up for Arthur, and Lot and the dissenters were forced to leave. Arthur was knighted and given the arms of the Pendragon.

Giles received a letter with the name of Castle Garloth on it. When he went, the castle appeared abandoned, except for a huge black rock. At the end of the hall was Morgan. She told Giles that Briton was in great danger: if Arthur became king, it would be the end of Briton. She told Giles she would have need of him in the future.


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