Sunday, August 4, 2013


At court, Merl was honored for bringing Yeofun in to Arthur's vassalage.

Some knights arrived and whispered to Arthur about Baercun, in the north, falling, and he stormed out of the room, upset. Merl and Kay were appointed to defend the south while Arthur took the army north to rescue Baercun.

We went to fortify our area, while Gavin and Senorix scouted. They both found that forces were moving to meet with Cerdic in the south. Senorix also found a dead giant with a chest of money that was headed for a mercenary force. Senorix also found a yale to kill.

Reginald, the messenger, returned with Sir Doddinus, who was injured. He related that they were lured into a trap and their army scattered, and Arthur was lost.

Senorix and I headed north with Gawain and Kay to find Arthur, and Merl and Giles stayed to defend the south.

The Saxons arrived in the south, with an army made mostly of Cerdic's forces. They asked us to surrender, but Giles refused.

The rest of us made it to Lincoln, where Arthur was lost. In the woods, we could hear occasional battles. We were set upon by berserkers, but we dispatched them. We were later ambushed by Saxons, and in the battle, I saw a blue light. It was coming from a lady by a lake. I rescued her from some Saxons and she said that she had a potion that she needed to take to heal Arthur. I was forced to leave my companions to go help the woman. I followed the woman until I came by a clearing where Aelle spoke with his son. I avoided them and headed another way that took me through a barrow. In it, I was faced with a spectral warrior whom I placated with some money. I was able to get the woman, Nineveh--who I thought had died in court, to Arthur, and gave him the potion. He was healed, and he told me to rendezvous with Giles the Elder at Castor and meet again with Arthur at Eberkham.

Back in the south, Merl and Giles fought the Saxon force. Gavin was gravely wounded.

<New session>

While I found Arthur, Senorix and his crew killed many Saxons and captured one of Aelle's sons. They then proceeded to try to track me down. They arrived at a place where battle was about to be joined between Sir Kador and Aelle's troops.

Looking for Giles, I came across a pool with 7 gold cups on it, and a magpie watching me from a tree. I pondered over the pond, but eventually I moved on.

At the battle in the south, Merl and Giles managed to drive Cerdic's forces back and win the day.

At Senorix's battle, he and his men were beaten back and forced to flee, but as they fled, they saw a white haired knight, clad all in white go charging into the Saxons.

I finally found Giles and his Pict army. He agreed to go with me. We headed to Eberkham, and when we arrived, we found Arthur's army gathered outside the city. We engaged in battle with the city. We dealt massive damage with our unit, but the battle winds blew against us and we had to retreat.

In the winter, I married the daughter of Giles the Elder, to replace Courtney, who had died last winter.

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