Sunday, August 4, 2013


At the beginning of the year, Arthur asked Snorix to join his round table.

At my wedding, we heard about the white knight, who would not say his name. We also heard that Merlin disappeared at Arthur's battle and had not been seen since. We also heard that King Pellinore had returned.

In the spring, we headed to Carleon, along with all of the knights in the kingdom. Arthur announced that this is the year when Aelle said he would destroy us, and while foreign knights were coming to our banner because of our honor and chivalry, the brothers of Aelle were massing on the continent, along with the four kings--Aelle, Aethelberht, Cerdic, and Eosa-- and their 40,000 soldiers. The people murmured, but they fell silent when two women entered--Morgan and another woman. Arthur asked why the witch had come here. She said that she had seen portents that marked this as the darkest year, and she had come to offer her aid, since Merlin was gone, and she wished to protect her people, the Britons. Arthur agreed to her aid and allowed her to accompany him into combat.

Arthur asked for a knight to volunteer to take a message to King Mark, and Giles the Younger volunteered, but then Jenna said that she would take the message.


Baron Belaus Wallingford came to visit me to try to get me to fight in the battle, but I was too weak.


The army headed across the Enborn river and was ambushed by Aelle.

In the first charge, Giles the Elder was killed.

Damien was able to cross blades with both Eosa and Aelle.

We were forced to retreat back across the river to the city of Donnington.

Rain continued to fall. Morgan arrived and asked Merl to get her to the Saxon witches in the next day of battle.

We fought some more, and Basil Wallingford went down and was lost.

Doddinus died. Sagamore is dead.

The second day of battle ended, and Arthur was able to find an advantageous hill to fight from the next day.

On day 3, we saw three real giants in the Saxon forces, and a white dragon flying overhead. Arthur said today was our victory and he charged. A red dragon flew out of the clouds and dragged the white dragon off.

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