Saturday, October 11, 2014


We went to court, and found many empty seats. Arthur told us that we had won the peace, and he gave us gifts. Merl was made Duke of Sussex. Senorix was granted Netherwallop, Middlewallop, and Overwallop manors and Byrhtnoth's sword. Arthur gaves Cerdic to Senorix to kill as payment for his Christmas gift, but Senorix showed mercy and had him swear fealty to Arthur and return to his lesser lands. I told my story of the battle, and Arthur gave me the manors of Ford, Falk, and Laverstock. And for saving his life, he gave me a ring which he said was given to Cerdic by Vortigern. Jacob and Eddard were also granted manors.

Giles the Younger and I were inducted into the Round Table. Senorix entertained some marriage offers from the Ortneys, Cerdic for his daughter, and Basil Wallingford's wife. Senorix decided to marry Lady Britta of Ortney.

In the winter, my apiary was stolen. 

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  1. It sounds very epic when you type it up like this.

    I especially like "my apiary" was stolen. What kind of monster steals a man's apiary?