Sunday, August 19, 2012


While I prepared to go to Easter services, Luceers was visited by Akalon and his squire and Morgan. Akalon looked rough and Morgan was bewitching Merl, Luceers' son. Morgan told Luceers that she had been dreaming of the future and that Merl was going to die soon unless Morgan saved him. She said she must take him to the abbey of Conconere and past the guardians to save him. Luceers said he must first consult with us at court.

Giles was visited by the Knight of the Bright Blade who asked his permission to go to the north to visit the King of the Golden Circle, pass his test, and marry his beautiful daughter. Giles gave his permission.

The Brotherhood of the Band (the survivors, Likus and Leo) met before court. Luceers presented his case. Our other problems were that Benier was now harboring Saxons and the Wallingford brothers were still a problem. Ethfrid, a Saxon from Hengest, and Aeshwin, the Saxon from Aethelswith, as well as Belius de Wallingford, and Sir Rhongair (who was at the battle of Tintagel) wished to meet with me as steward. Luceers found out what they wanted:

  • Rhongair was on a mission fromTintagel; Baron Sextus seemed to be planning an attack on Tintagel, and Rhongair wanted to know if the knights of Logres could borrow Giles to battle Sextus.
  • Hengest and Aeshwin wanted our loyalty.
  • Belius came on behalf of his brothers (e Wallingfords) to join Salisbury.
We agreed to send letters to recall Baron Sextus, but could not agree to send Giles to help Rhongair.

We agreed to send money to Hengest, but Aeshwin killed Hengest's messenger, so we sent Giles to kill Aeshwin after he left court. But Giles failed.

Giles took the Wallingford brothers to fight Benier.

I heard that Picts were in the north, so I headed north with Luceers, Merl, Morgan, and the Knight Beneath the Waves.

We rode north until Luceers got tired. Morgan told me that she knew the way, and that I must come with her. We rode into a dark forest. Morgan heard a cry of help from a woman, but when we got off the path, Morgan got us lost. As we moved through the woods, we heard the sound of battle. We found Picts and I tried to kill them. After dispatching three Picts, I found a knight with a woman thrown across his horse who said the Picts were vassals of Lord Wolfrith. The knight is named Beomar. I fought with him for many hours, but he finally bested me.

Luceers headed into the forest to find me. He found the dead Picts, and Gavin found my trail. They eventually found a road that led north to a parody of a southern manor house filled with twenty Pict soldiers. Luceers found Sir Beomart who demanded Luceers' weapons and armor as ransom for me. The captive woman healed me, and told me that she was being forced to marry Wolfrith. Luceers tried to barter for me. Morgan appeared and said that Wolfrith knows where Concanere is. Ultimately, Beomart and Luceers fought. Luceers won and we took Beomart, for ransom, and the woman as well.

Luceers took a Pict to help him find the Golden-tusked boar, while I waited with the captive woman, Lady Alba. Luceers found the boar in two days. They followed it as it ran, and eventually it led them to a path up a mountain. At the top of the mountain, they found a temple. At the gate was a knight in old armor, praying. Morgan told Luceers that the knight is the guardian they must pass. Luceers explained his situation to the knight, but the knight told him he must go, for nothing could pass him without his death. They fought, and while they were fighting, Morgan took Merl into the abbey. The guardian knight realized what had happened and stopped fighting, and immediately began to decay. Luceers ran in and found an empty room.

Meanwhile, a party of pict hunters found me. I tried to outrun them but ran into a group of them, but I was able to kill them.

I finally met up with Luceers. He told me what happened, and we headed back, dropping Lady Alba off. Luceers had the Knight of the Waves married to Lady Alba.

Giles heard that Ashwin had begun raiding some eastern lands. He took knights from Callus, Akalon, and Likus (total 110 knights) to fight the Saxons. He met with a local lord and was told that his forces were not sizable enough to fight the 200 Saxons and 50 knights. As Giles was trying to decide what to do, he heard Saxon horns of attack.

Giles split his forces to fight the Saxons; he sent the Wallingfords to fight the rogue Salisbury knights, while Giles attacked Aeshwin and broke his spear and his axe. Giles defeated Aeshwin and then met the Saxon who defeated him earlier., and he sliced him in two.

Back at the battle. Giles matcheed up against Sir Brenier's army. In pitched battle, Giles defeated the Saxons and knights and scattered them. Giles chased Brenier and settled into a siege against his castle, and sent the Wallingfords to loot Brenier's castle. We sent Luceers to make terms with the nobles but he failed to convince them.

We divided their lands among Callus, Giles, Akalon, Likus, and the oldest Wallingford.


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