Sunday, August 19, 2012


No visitors came to see us in court this year because rumors of war were swirling, except for Cerdic, who arrived wearing Vortigern's heraldry. I could barely contain my hatred of Vortigern's son. He flirted with Jenna, but then was ready to discuss war plans. We decided on how to meet Aethelswith's army.

We met Aethelswith's forces in the field,and Sir Damian ran from the field, for no apparent reason. The battle was hard fought, and Giles lost half his household warriors, but thanks to Luceers and Giles holding a bridge against Alle, we held the field.

Cerdic appeared to Luceers during the victory festivities and suggested that we take some territories from Logres. Luceers convinced him to go after Aethelswith, and, in return, we would help Cerdic take Chichester next summer.

We geared up to chase Aethelswith, but Luceers led us into a swamp. Sir Banwain arrived and brought us some new knights. After two days we got reports from the scouts that Saxons were converging from every direction.

We chatted in the night with Cerdic. A sergeant arrived and told us that there was a disturbance. A "witch" appeared from the woods and was scaring the men. Luceers and I went to meet her--Morgan. She told us that all was lost, but the true prize was in Salisbury. We had lost something at the battle, but Morgan said that she did not know what it was. She then went back into the woods.

In the morning we got clear word from our scouts that we had wandered into a bad position, with Aethelswith to the north of us and Aelle to the south-holed up in some Roman ruins. We decided to battle Aethelswith and hoped that Aelle would choose not to fight.

We ran over some Saxons, but the army was held up. We finally fought a rather indecisive battle that saw Aethelswith chased out of the area.

Luceers slayed a giant but was also sorely wounded. After six weeks, he was finally healed, but his continued beatings from giants have left him smaller of stature.

In the winter, Luceers received a letter from Morgan that said the otherworld was in turmoil because Damian was missing. We also learned that Queen Ygraine had moved to Lot.

For the first time in a while, the news around britain was good. King Nanteloid had conquered one of the other Briton kings and then rampaged across Ireland, and Ireland has sworn fealty to him.

Prince Mark killed Baron Sextus in battle and was headed north to Dorset. Aelle angered the Jutes in Kent and they have gone to war with him.

The only bad news is that another band of invaders have landed in the north, a band of barbarians called the Angles

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