Sunday, August 19, 2012


In this year, at court, the following people wished to speak: Sir Hampton from Ulfius (private), Prince Marc of Cornwall, Queen Ygraine, Sir Bangor de Wallingford.

We met with Hampton. He looked in poor repair. He said things had been bad in Silchester. Aethelswift had offered a massive bounty to the other Saxons in order to take Sarum. Aelle had agreed, and would send Ulfius against us.

In court, we had more knights than usual, and we were one of five kingdoms that was still free from Saxons. We heard rumors that there may be a war between Lot and Eosa.

Ygraine addressed the court. She apologized for the way she had treated us in the past, and told us that she wished to move into the abbey at Amesbury. I turned her down, but as she and Morgan left, Morgan seemed upset that we did not help her.

Marc addressed us and flattered us before offering us aid, an alliance against Baron Sextus. His home city, Jaget, was mostly undefended. We agreed to help him.

Bangor said that he brought us our share of the raiding he did last year. We banked his money (1 wall share) and built the second section of wall.

Later that night, we met with Marc and talked about Baron Sextus who had taken Ilminster and Exeter and Tintagel. He wanted us to disrupt his supply line. We agreed to help him cut the supply train, if he would help us in the future against the Saxons.

At the end of the week, Kay came to Luceers and told us that there were some men here from Ebil. We met with them and they told us that they had killed a Saxon raiding party and had heard that other Saxons were feeling us out in the South near the manors of Callus and Luceers.

We agreed to send Luceers and Sir Damian to see Cerdic, and Giles to Jaget.

Hanzel warned us not to trust the Wallingfords, but Luceers put Hanzel in his place.

On the way to Ebil, Luceers and Damian heard that a raiding party was headed to Luceers' manor. They headed to his manor and killed Saxons, with the young Sir Damian acquitting himself most regally on the field.

Giles headed to Jaget, and the Wallingfords captured some prisoners from Jaget. Giles questioned them about the defenses of the castle, and found that they consisted of only Sir Bertram, who was not a very good knight. Giles decided to fight Sir Bertram one on one, and despite Bertram's fey power, Giles won and took the city.

When Luceers and Damian got to the city, they met with the castellan. The people in the keep were happy, but the Saxons seem annoyed. They met with Cerdic, and he told them of his plans to conquer all of Britain and unify Britons and Saxons. Luceers delivered a sermon that converted a Saxon. Cerdic told him that Aethelwith had offered him money to join him. Luceers made an alliance with Cerdic and his Saxons: 1 tribute and safe passage through Salisbury in return for friendship.

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