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Sir Giles and I were asked to escort Sir Luceers to the marriage of Morgan in Lothien.


Prince Mark arrived with fifty knights, and came to meet with us. He wished to marry Countess Ellen in return for his lending us some knights to take the Cattalous. We told him we would consider. We also planned to send our knights north with him partway to Camillard.

Sir Amir from Silchester came on behalf of Ulfius for aid against Aelle.

Lady Amarath was with an old knight who claimed Basil Wallingford raped his daughter. When Basil was accused, he demanded trial by combat, and Hansel almost answered him, when Luceers accepted the challenge.

I talked to Cerdic and convinced him to help us fight Aelle in Silchester, and in return he would get some of the eastern Silchester lands.

Luceers talked to Lady Amarath about marrying Basil Wallingford, but she was not interested.

On the day of the duel, I convinced Basil Wallingford to pay restitution to Sir Gorim for his daughter, and avoided the duel commencing.

We sent Damien, the Wallingfords and Cerdic to Silchester. Giles, Luceers, and Leslie were sent north to the wedding.


As we headed north, we heard that Oleg, the enemy of Giles, was in the train. We also received a letter from Ellen that she wanted to arrange a marriage between King Leodegrance's daughter, Guinevere, and Robert.

Mark told us that his goal was to unite all of the Britons under one king, so he was going from place to place looking for allies.

We headed north, through the forest, with Giles leading us, but Luceers was lazy and we were delayed. We fought some bandits, but easily defeated them. The next week we found a Christian shrine, but ignored it. The fifth week, we encounter some bandits. The sixth week we headed into Lothien, and found it strangely peaceful. We were ushered to Morgan and her family and talked with her and Lot. We planned to ride in 7 days to Nanteleod's lands for the wedding.

I heard the name Worthingtons-- they had done horrible things to my family in the past. I was confronted by one of the Worthingtons who spoke ill of my family, but all I could do was agree with him.

Giles sang a song, and Luceers did a consultation with the local bishop.

The next day, I was talked into gambling with the Worthingtons, and I lost a lot of money. Giles sang some more, and Luceers talked with Morgan, who tried to convince him to stay with her as company in Nogales, even suggesting that she could convince her husband to give him some lands. But he refused.

The next day, the Worthingtons invited me to speak in front of the assembled lords, and I delivered a great speech on "second chances." Luceers encountered a knight beating a peasant, and intervened.

The next day, I encountered one of the Worthington's women, and she attempted to flirt with me, but I froze as usual. Giles went falcon hunting with his friends. Luceers heard a Worthington speaking ill about me and Baldulf.

The next day, Luceers went falconing and Giles sang some more. I fought one of the Worthingtons and won, gaining some measure of my self respect back.

As we prepared to head out, Giles spoke with Morgan about longevity potions. She told him that he needed to bring her a dead unicorn to make the potion. When we passed a forest, Giles decided to head into the forest to find a unicorn, and Luceers and I tagged along. After a few hours, Giles was on the trail of a unicorn, but only Giles and I were able to get close to it. I thought we were going to ride it, but Giles slew it, just as he had done to my horse. That night, Luceers had a dream about a woman in a wedding dress and a golden haired man with a black dog who killed an older version of Robert.

The next day, Morgan rode to us and told us she has had a vision that was similar to the one Luceers had. She said that in two days, we would pass a place of great fey power, and she could do a ritual to help interpret the dreams. She made me a potion to help me play the lute so I could distract the guards and the others could go to the site of power.

Giles and Luceers went with Morgan to do the ritual. I finally wondered where they were and headed off after them. When I arrived I found five ghostly knights appearing around the henge. I sounded an alarm and charged into the nearest one. We battled the spectral knights. A large knight came out of the mist and took Morgan into the mist. Giles headed into the mist after him. Luceers interrogated the remaining knight and found that the large knight had taken Morgan to his kingdom. We followed Giles into the mist and into the fey lands.

Our captive told us that we would not make it past their champion, Merl. We passed some women who tried to distract us, but we rode on. We eventually came upon a gathering of court with much food, but we were not distracted by it, and we arrived at the castle, where Merl awaited us.

Luceers said that he is Merls father, and Merl told him that he felt abandoned. Luceers told him to stand aside, and Merl refused. But Luceers refused to fight,and Merl broke down crying, and father and son hugged. We entered the castle and found the throne room empty. We found a massive library and a book of spells open to a mind control spell. We headed into a room overlooking the sea, filled with plants. Giles found a plant that was a component for the mind control spell, but the petals had been plucked. When we made it outside, we found Morgan following the golden haired knight with the black dog. She called for help, but the knight seemed confused. I realized that Sir Dulahan was ensorceled. Luceers attacked the man, wounding him. I rode past and grabbed Morgan. The dog barked, trying to scare me, but I ignored it. Luceers and the man continued to fight, and Giles joined the fray; they dropped the knight, and as he died, the castle and the world started to fade away. Giles took his body and we rode away.

We finally arrived in Norgales where we watched the wedding. While Nanteleod was at first controlling, by the wedding, he seemed under the thrall of Morgan. We returned home late in the year. Luceers took Merl to his mother and we found out that our forces had lost the battle in Silchester, but had kept Aelle from gaining too much territory.

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