Sunday, December 30, 2012



Ektor arranged for court to be in Amesbury this year, so that the realm could pay its respects to the slain Luceers.

We were visited by Cerdic, an envoy from Mark, and an envoy from Nanteleod. Also a man named Sir Caydor.

We saw Bishop Dewey, looking impossibly old and haggard. Ulfius was also there. At the last moment, Morgan arrived, causing a stir among the people. She stopped to ask Giles if she could meet with him after court, alone. Akalon spoke to me, and told me that he had finished his winter with the Wallingfords, and believed that they were loyal. Belaius is probably more loyal than Basil.

Sir Caydor approached me. He was a knight of Gorloi, whose lands were taken by Uther, but his lands were never returned to him.

I forbade Jenna from traveling with Cerdic.

Sir Uffo, envoy of Mark, offered his condolences on the death of Luceers, and asked for help fighting Nanteleod off. He also brought a gift for Merl, a dragon pin that belonged to Uther.

Sir Merl and Kay embarrassed young Arthur with a prank.

Ektor told me that Kay said that his girlfriend had heard that Cerdic had arranged to sneak out of the house with Jenna.

We talked with Cerdic and agreed to fight Aelle this year. I confronted Jenna about her communications with Cerdic and ordered her to give me all of his communications.

We went to battle with Aelle in London. We found ourselves trapped between Aesh's forces from Kent and Aelle's troops from Portsmouth. We headed west into the smaller force, trying to get back to Salisbury. We won the battle and headed back to Sarum.

Back at Sarum, a maid treacherously let in some Saxons to capture Jenna and Robert. Damien and Marius and a random guard tried to defend the keep. I fought the ones who got through to my chambers. Jenna recognized that the Saxon who led the battle was Cerdic's brother. We knighted Marius and sent him with word to Nanteleod that we would swear fealty to him if he helped us kill Cerdic. Marius was, of course, completely enthralled by Morgan.

Robert was sent to live in Escavalon with Electus, Nanteleod's son. Damien went with him to protect him.

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