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Luceers' wife, despite the return of her son Merl, appeared to be ill.

Baldulf heard the court women gossiping that King Mark had been gaining ground in the north, and he was making a fine figure as a potential high king. One of the women whispered about some northern and western dukes and kings who had sworn allegiance to Nanteleod at a feast he held, and there were whispers that they were under the sway of Morgan's potions and magic. Nanteleod had threatened Camillard, whose leader, Leodegrance, had offered his daughter to any worthy lord who rose to his defense. Nanteleod also seemed to be deliberately provoking Mark.

At court were Cerdic, Ulfius, and emissaries from Leodegrance.

At Leslie's manor, a small band of Saxon knights arrived and ask to speak with him. They wanted him to convince Giles to come to the border and meet with Aelle.

Ulfius wanted us to fight with him again against Aelle.

Cerdic wanted us to give him two shares to offset his losses in last year's battle. We agreed to help in return for future duchies.

We sent Akalon to spy on the Wallingfords.

We decided to send Luceers and Damien to meet with Nanteleod, and the rest of the knights headed to meet with Aelle.

Merl, Giles and Leslie moved out to meet with Aelle in the space between the camps. Aelle wanted Giles to come with him to fight Aethelswith. Giles agreed to take our knights with Aelle to fight Aethelswith, and then to send Cerdic in to fight Aelle once his forces were weakened.

We headed north with Aelle.


Luceers arrived in Camillard and explained his plan to talk with Nanteleod. As we rode to meet Nanteleod, outside of Camillard, we met a knight in service to Baron Quintus who blew a horn and rode quickly away. As we started to ride away, we heard hoofbeats coming toward us. We turned to meet them, and about 30 knights arrived. They told us that their lord wished us to dine with him. We agreed to go with them.

They attempted to get us to relinquish our weapons, but Luceers talked them into keeping his, and I chose to stay in the courtyard instead. We found that a lady had recently arrived to heal Baron Quintus. She had been sent by Morgan to keep us from reaching Nanteleode-- for our own safety. A maid named Amanda convinced us to rescue her lady Drusilla and she would show us a way out. We fought some knights to get to Drusilla. In the tower we found a knight wearing the heraldry of one of the fey knights. We attempted to combat him, but he was far too powerful. Luceers was slain and I was captured.


At the battle with Aethelswith, I was smote a grievous blow in the first charge and was saved by my squire. Giles defeated an Angle prince and captured him for ransom. As Aelle's troops broke Aethelswith's line, Giles ordered his troops after Aethelswith as he tried to get away. In a massive swing, Aethelswith was destroyed by Giles, turning the tide and allowing us to win the battle.

We found out that Cerdic's army was still three days away. The knights feasted with the Saxons, and Giles was given treasure and Aethelswith's axe.

Three days later, Cerdic arrived and Giles gave the order to attack Aelle. Aelle cursed Giles for his treachery, and the battle was joined. We fought valiantly, but neither side could get the upper hand,and the battle ended indecisively.

At the end of the year, Damien was released and brought Luceers's body back. There was much grieving.

Mark never arrived at Camillard, and Leodegrance surrendered to Nanteleod.

Giles returned to Morgan for another potion.


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