Sunday, July 28, 2013


We find ourselves at court again. A woman came to court, dressed in Frankish style, and wearing a sword. She said that she had been wandering, looking for a knight who could draw the sword from her belt. Merl, and Senorix and I attempted to draw the sword, and failed. Then a poor knight named Sir Balin drew the sword, but refused to return it to her, and she warned him that there was a curse to the sword that he would kill his best friend. He kept the sword anyway.

Then there was a blast of trumpet and Nineveh came into court and talked to Arthur, reminding him that she owed him for giving him Excalibur. Arthur agreed, but the lady claimed that she wanted the head of Sir Balin or of the woman who brought the sword. Arthur refused. Balin returned to the court and chopped off Nineveh's head. Arthur banished Balin from court. Giles and I armed ourselves to go after Balin, and I arrived outside ahead of many of the other knights.

We found that a rich knight had already been killed by Balin, and another knight sat nearby singing about the battle. The people of Camelot built a memorial to the knight and his lover. Merlin appeared and said that at some point the two best knights in the land would fight at this spot.

Arthur sent a small contingent to distract Lot, and his main force directly to Malahaut. We prepared to fight the Centurion King's forces. The Centurion king came forth in new armor, and Pellinore led the charge, killing the Centurion King. Then he killed King Nentris of Garloth. As Giles, Kay and I were fighting. Sir Galegantis (son of Nentris) emerged from Lot's side. Merl's unit attacked him, and the Brown knight killed Galegantis and forced Lot's forces to retreat. After the battle, Arthur made peace with Barak. Galegantis was handed over to Arthur and asked for a share of his father's lands, and Arthur refused--saying that Nentris had taken the lands from someone else, and Arthur would hold the lands until the rightful heir came of age.

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