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We started the year knowing that we must find Sir Alain de Gros and recruit him to help the Fisher King.

We heard rumors that King Lot was furious because his wife delivered a baby, and Merlin came and stole it while Lot was gone. Lot was mad at Arthur, and everyone expected there to be a battle with him this year. Kay was now the seneschal of Arthur.

Merl and Senorix went to see Arthur and updated him on our mission. Kay told Merl that Sir Alain was in the Tower of the Boar in the Forest Savage. Merl went to see Giles to ask him about Alain. Merl told him that he heard that Alain has three brothers and an evil daughter--called the Wild Damsel--who was working for Belors.

We headed into the Forest Savage to see if my cousin knew anything about Alain. My cousin Eddard said that Alain's brother Bruenor wanted our holding. He also heard that Alain's daughter is a demon, and that there was a painted rock in the forest, and if you placed a loaf of bread under it, she would appear and grant you a cursed wish.

The next morning we went looking for Alain's tower, which was said to move locations. As we left, Eddard pulled Giles aside and told him that he was in love with Giles's sister, Christine.

We found ourselves going through a swamp and were forced to dismount. Senorix and Merl noticed some large eyes, and then Merl was attacked by a bizarre creature and pulled into the water. Senorix threw a spear at the creature in the water and hit it. We slew the creature, and Giles saved Merl from drowning.

Our passage was blocked by more frogs, and so we headed into the hills, wasting a day. We found some large human tracks. Merl tried to avoid the giants, but we were spotted. Merl decided to attack, but lost his nerve and ran into the woods, screaming. The other three of us fought the giant, and I dealt the killing blow, even though Senorix wanted to grant the giant mercy.

Senorix tracked Merl into the forest and found where the trail ended, but Merl was not there. We found a ring of mushrooms, and Senorix danced in them (oh, magnificent dance!) and disappeared. Giles and I tried to dance, but did not disappear.

In the fairy world, Senorix found a knight with a white shield and a knight with a black shield entertaining a beautiful woman. Senorix talked to the white knight, who said that he owed Merl a third pass. He introduced Senorix to the lady, Titania, and said they were entertaining her, and asked Senorix to entertain her with his skill. He showed them some mace work. He then explained he was looking for Merl. Titania explained that Merl had entered the glade, but was most conflicted. She did not believe he would return to the mortal realm without some symbol or person that would remind him of the importance of his place in the mortal realm.

When Giles and I awakened, Senorix was there. Then a wild man calling himself Gavin and his wife appeared and exclaimed that he was looking for Merl. We told him that we had recently lost Merl. Gavin was shocked to find that Merl had been found and then re-lost. We invited Gavin to join us, and he led us to the Tower of the Boar.

We were brought into the castle, and we saw people preparing for war. We met Sir Alain, and he said he was preparing to go to war in the fields of Joy. When I asked him about Eddard's manor, he said that he claimed it because his relative had been killed by my father. We almost fought, but Senorix's calm prevailed. Alain told us that if we could rescue his daughter from Belors power, he would cease to work with Belor. He told us that his daughter loved unicorns and found one slaughtered in the woods and made a pact with some power, possibly Belor, to protect the creatures of the forest.

We headed off to find the daughter's stone. At midnight, we put bread on the stone, and heard hoofbeats. A few moments later, a woman on a black pony, wearing only a cloak appeared. We talked with her, but tried not to make a wish. Finally, Senorix wished that she would be able to talk with unicorns again. She said that she would renounce her ways if we could prove that unicorns would return to her. We headed back to Eddard to see if he had any virgins that could help us get a unicorn. He said that we should check the nearby town of Etroit. We headed there.

The old woman, the wife of the knight whose hounds Baldulf had slain years before, who lived there served us some, predictably, horrid stew and asked if Eddard had changed his mind about marrying her daughter, Courtney. We told her that we were looking for a virgin to find a unicorn. Her daughter agreed to go with us.

We then tracked a unicorn and found a small one. Courtney met with it and we led it back to the stone. The Wild damsel saw it and cried, renouncing her ways. The unicorn went to her and she was freed from her evil power. She gave us a token and told us to give it to her father.

We returned to Alain and gave him the pendant, and he agreed to turn against Belor. We headed to the field of Joy and met with the Kingfisher. He told us that a fearsome battle was being fought at Castle Terrible, and we needed to decide which battle we should join. Gavin left us to help Arthur, but the rest stayed to fight with the Kingfisher.

At Terrible, Rhynes called out Arthur, and Arthur defeated him.

At Joy, we defeated wave after wave of fomorians and giants. As we fought harder, Arthur's forces won more, and Lot's forces were defeated.

We won the battle of Joy and the Kingfisher gave us a boon, but told us that we would never be able to return to his lands, but his vassal in Glass would fight for our king anytime he needed her.

When we returned, we heard that King Claudius had attacked King Ban and Bors, killing them both. Supposedly their wives were able to get their sons away without dying.

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