Sunday, July 28, 2013


We were called by Lord Robert and told that Arthur had been given a quest, and Robert wished us to fulfill it. We were to recruit Princess Alice in Glas.

We headed out with Prince Galigantis, and Merl led us to a village, and Giles noticed that there were claw marks high up in the trees near us. We rode to the village, and the cold weather had driven everyone inside. We spoke to an old man who told us that they had not heard from Glas for months. He said that a flying creature has been seen, and it probably made the claw marks. He gave us directions to Glas, and we headed that way. We came to a bridge made of a massive sword, laying on edge, and saw the castle ahead, surrounded by blasted wasteland.

Senorix headed to a nearby forest because of something he saw, and a massive, furry creature with the head of a man, the body of a lion, and the tail of a scorpion leapt out and announced that it was Sir Karrinor, servant of King Belor, the third fairy king--a worshiper of the devil. Merl charged the creature. Merl held him off while Senorix killed him.

Senorix and Giles crossed the bridge, and I fell into the raging river when trying to cross, but Giles rescued me with his rope. Merl also fell into the water, but Giles could not save him. Luckily, I was able to use my lance to rescue him.

We found a nearby tomb, freshly built, bearing the heraldry of Sir Balan and his brother Sir Balin. We built a fire and warmed up and then headed to Glas. As we arrived, the people came out and begged for food. Merl gave them some food and we were escorted inside. We were tended by serving women, and they told us that for the last year, the lands had wilted and died, and the city had been under siege from King Belor's army. The women told us they wanted to meet with us later. We dined with them and then met with Alice. We explained, poorly, why Arthur had sent us. She listened but seemed preoccupied with the devastation of their land.

We were each visited by a lady in waiting. Belina visited Merl and told him that she wished to learn to sing like him to please Alice. A woman also visited Senorix with a wound that would not heal, and Senorix healed her. Giles would not allow his woman (Elfweena) to visit him. I was visited by Hermione and my romance won her over, but I never found out why she visited me.

The next morning, Alice met with us and told us that her maids were pleased with us, and so she would tell us her predicament. A foe had fallen upon her lord at the Castle of Joy from the Castle Mortal, and she now needed our help. We agreed to help her. The women visited us again that night. Senorix tried to feed people, Merl tried to heal, Giles prayed, and Hermione helped me work myself into vengeance. We found it difficult to leave the women the next day, but we took a map from Alice along with a healing draught, and headed off to help King Fisherman.

Along the path from the map, we found mostly more devastation. We came upon the valley of monotony, but were all energetic enough to make it across, except for Galiganthis. We came out of the valley and found a vale of gifts, each with gifts left for people we loved. Merl could not resist the gifts and took one and wandered off into the mists. The rest of us found a cliff that tested our justice, and we moved on. We found a crevasse, and on the other side was Accalon, begging forgiveness for his sin. We forgave him, and moved on, finding an old hag. She said that Senorix was the most chaste and merciful knight in the world. Senorix and Giles passed on, but I was too proud. As Senorix and Giles rode on, there was an earthquake, but their valor carried them through. We all found ourselves reunited at the end of the trail, and saw a castle, and to its right is a military camp, and to its left was a scorched field.

We attempted to ride straight to the castle. A group came out from the camp to follow us, but we rode on. A guard in the castle challenged us, but we answered their challenge, and they let us in. Inside we found that the walls were manned by brass robots. We were taken into the main hall and met the king, lying in a bed, bleeding. We were invited to dinner, and were led in by a boy carrying a white lance, dripping with blood, some children carrying candles, and a woman carrying a cup that glowed (the holy grail). The woman told us that the cup was guarded by the king. She also thought that some of Belor's army could be convinced to change sides before the army attacked next summer. She also told us that Sir Balin was the one who wounded the king. We should find allies and talk to Alain deGros to see if he would switch sides. We went to sleep in the king's castle, and when we awakened, we were back in our beds in Salisbury.


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